Thanks to Marketingunitech, advertisers can implement thousands of new installations of their software. The work of our competent team of managers helps you to get the most out of your investment in your software and manage your rates as efficiently as possible. Depending on the location, language, and type of platform, rates are adapted and adjusted individually for each user.

Our services

We’re a monetization platform and a PPI (pay per install) network. We provide our affiliates options for optimization of their offers/website, fast payments and high rates and we also have very good support.

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Performance tracking

Our platform provides our affilates options to monetize their software downloads. Install metrics, such as volume data and other, is presented in affilate account management section.

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Custom Installer

Our installer complies fully with Google security regulations and is never subject to any type of restriction or blockage. Our PPI software is refined to provide quality installs.

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Fast payouts

Our quick payouts is perfect for publishers who need their money consistently to invest and keep earning.
Payments hold is as short as 3 days. Paypal payouts processing is between instant to 2 days, and 2 to 3 business days for others methods.

Payment Process

For fastest income generation, our publishers are provided with the most reliable and convenient payment options and terms. If a publisher needs more frequent revenue transactions, he can contact the manager of his account, who will resolve the situation in the best way.

Join Us

Please go to our registration form to submit an application to join us today. You can of course also contact us before applying if you have questions. We recommend using the registration form as it will assign you a dedicated account manager who will reach out to you after the application was received.

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We are associate with numerous advertisers in more than 190 countries across the world, which allows you to earn 0,8 to 3$ per installation for global traffic. Our programming provides publishers everything for best monetization, and clear reporting to keep track for performance. Along with full-fledged support, working with Marketingunitech makes PPI most efficient.

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Make each dollar in your promotion budget go farther with Marketingunitech campaigns. Our data acquisition allows advertisers to allocate budgets based on geo, platform and others. This, along with our secure installer and policies to rule out automated installations, ensures best returns of our advertisers investments.

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Grammatically-minded advertising brings you money, we know how to make a big results with minimized investments

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